Body Positive Is A State Of Mind

The social movement of body positivity has sent ripples and waves across social media and other mediums of communication. Popular culture has been openly challenged and acceptance towards all body types has been advocated irrespective of size, gender, race, etc.

Obesity is a chronic problem for many and demanding inclusivity only seems fair. Fat shaming should hopefully be a thing of the past soon and over weight people should be equally celebrated as anyone else. But is this movement an external one or is it equally intrinsic in nature?

We as a species have seen only limited success with social causes such as racism, homophobia, etc. If voicing opinions in a public domain were the solution we would have evolved past these things already. However, emotions are contagious and how we feel intrinsically often radiates across people.

A positive body image is a journey that begins with the mirror. Self affirmations and how we see ourselves is of paramount importance. Self love and a sense of well being goes a long way. People who love themselves often find others attracted to them as well. So lets practise positive talk, meditation, yoga, gratitude and make it a part of who we are. Once others notice this change in us they will follow too. One individual at a time we can make this a victorious movement.