Big Size Slippers For Men

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      Big Size Slippers Online in India

      Buy from the biggest collection of large size men's slippers online in India. Size 12, Size 13, Size 14, Size 15 & Size 16. Extra wide options available. Huge selection of plus size slippers for men includes flip-flops and slides.

      Plus Size Slippers Size Range:

      Large size slippers are available in the following sizes:-

      Size 12 Slippers:

      Size 12 UK which is equivalent to 13 US or 46 Euro.

      Size 13 Slippers:

      Size 13 UK which is equivalent to 14 US or 47 Euro.

      Size 14 Slippers:

      Size 14 UK which is equivalent to 15 US or 48 Euro.

      Size 15 Slippers:

      Size 15 UK which is equivalent to 16 US or 49 Euro.