Plus Size Fashion Can Be 'Sustainable' Too

Sustainability is the new buzz word with fashion. Citizens of the world are getting increasingly conscious of what goes on behind their consumption and what effects would that have on the environment around them. Plus size fashion shouldn't be exempt from this microscope as well.

Fashion has many dimensions to it. Variety, colours, fabrics, designs, the list could go on. However, at Jupiter Shop, we go that extra mile to ensure our business ticks yet another checkbox of sustainability. The following list would detail this better:-

i) Bio-degradable fabrics - Linen, organic cotton, silk, bamboo, hemp are all made from natural sources and remain green and recyclable after consumption as well. Our merchandisers ensure that as far as possible the apparel that is sourced belongs to this category. The polyesters and nylons are fast disappearing from our shelves and this trend is likely to continue from our end.

ii) Logistical carbon footprint - Domestically made products largely reduce the carbon footprint. 74% of our clothing collection is now manufactured in India. Not only do we champion the patriotic cause of manufacturing locally but also remain environmentally friendly in the process.

iii) Minimal wastage - Plus size clothing has the notorious reputation of being production inefficient due to the extra material involved in the process. Since we place consistent and regular orders with manufacturers, they have been able to stream line their processes to ensure maximum yield with minimal wastages.

We are totally committed to the endeavour of making ecological integrity and social justice a part of our day to day business. We hope you would stay with us in this journey of ours.