Style Guide for Plus Size Blazers

Style Guide - Plus Size Blazers

At JupiterShop, we believe that fashion should empower and celebrate every body type. In this detailed style guide, we'll dive into the world of plus size blazers, exploring key details for Plus Size Solid Blazers,Plus Size Striped Blazers,Plus Size Printed Blazers, and Plus Size Checkered Blazers. Let's unravel the nuances and provide you with expert insights to enhance your style journey.

  1. Plus Size Solid Blazers:

Plus Size Solid Blazers

a. Color Palette: Opt for darker hues such as navy, charcoal, or deep burgundy. These shades create a slimming effect, providing a sophisticated touch to your ensemble.

b. Tailoring Matters: Choose a well-tailored blazer with a single-breasted design. This not only enhances your curves but also ensures a polished and chic appearance.

  1. Plus Size Striped Blazers:

Plus Size Striped Blazers

a. Vertical Stripes: Embrace vertical stripes as they create an elongating effect, making you appear taller and leaner. Opt for medium-width stripes to achieve a balanced and flattering look.

b. Avoid Wide Horizontals: Steer clear of wide horizontal stripes, as they may add unnecessary width. The goal is to draw the eye upward, enhancing your overall silhouette.

  1. Plus Size Printed Blazers:

Plus Size Printed Blazers

a. Print Size: Opt for smaller, intricate prints rather than large, bold patterns. This helps divert attention away from perceived problem areas.

b. Background Matters: Choose darker backgrounds with subtle prints for a slimming effect. Experiment with florals, paisleys, or geometric designs in proportion to your frame.

  1. Plus Size Checkered Blazers:

Plus Size Checkered Blazers

a. Check Size: Opt for smaller checks rather than large ones, as smaller patterns tend to have a minimizing effect on the figure.

b. Color Selection: Choose darker colors like black, navy, or deep green to create a slimming silhouette. Balance the look by pairing your checkered blazer with solid-colored bottoms.

At JupiterShop, we understand the importance of embracing your unique style and celebrating your curves. Armed with these detailed insights into Plus Size Solid Blazers,Plus Size Striped Blazers,Plus Size Printed Blazers, and Plus Size Checkered Blazers you can confidently navigate the world of plus size fashion. Remember, with the right blazer, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're expressing your individuality and feeling fabulous every step of the way.