Popular Plus Size Male Models in India

Ever wondered who are the faces behind the endless catalogues of plus size clothing that you see on e-commerce portals? Yes, the same ones who pose in various angles to showcase the fitting of each garment.

We thought we should make a list of plus size models so that the next time you browse through e-portals you could feel familiar with the person in the picture as well. Here are the ones that make it to the list:-

1) Akshay Kakkar - Has shattered all the popularity records in this segment. His social media following is north of 5 million including Tik Tok, MX Takatak, YouTube and Instagram. One can hardly deny the entertainment quotient that comes with his profile. His dance videos, facial expressions and digital content have made him to whooping success. Guess he rightfully deserves the title of 'Shezaada' that he has crowned for himself on Instagram. Grew up in East Delhi, Akshay is a classic example of a homegrown internet star catapulting to fame owing to his unique talent.

Popular plus size model with Bollywood actress


2) Kais Sundrani - Touted as the pioneer of plus size modelling in India. He was first rejected whilst auditioning for a college fashion show. Apparently he was 'too big' to be walking the ramp. Well, Kais decided that he wasn't going to back down after this episode in his life. He took matters in his own hands and walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week as India's first plus size model. Standing tall at 6 feet 3 inches, Kais surely has a 'towering' personality too. Kias is based in Mumbai and is actively involved with his family's catering business when he isn't modelling.

Plus size model wearing full suit


3) Rajat Khanna - is the big daddy of e-commerce shoots in India. His work calendar is pact with request from various plus size brands to photoshoot their products. No matter what the style or color of the product, somehow it always goes well on him. Kudos to how he carries himself, he can make a piece of rag look princely. Rajat is based in Delhi and is busy with this chemical business when he isn't modelling.

Plus size model wearing black t-shirt


We thank each one of them for breaking stereotypes and giving momentum to this unique category of models who make fashion inclusive for all.